Online Programs

Profound Treasury: Open Practice and Study

May 2nd—November 28th

Introduces core Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and awareness, cultivating virtue, and cutting grasping. Continue »

Heart Sutra Study Group

May 18th—October 19th

The radical message of the Heart Sūtra, one of Buddhism's most famous texts, is a sweeping attack on everything we hold most dear: our troubles, the world as we know it, even the teachings of the Buddha himself. Continue »

Joy in Everyday Life

with Tekla Jachimiak & Deirdre (dee) Lutz

August 11th—September 8th

The mahayana teachings on compassion can become the inspiration for a life of bravery and freedom from doubt. Continue »

Graceful Exit: Preparing for a Good Death

with Andrew Holecek

September 4th—September 7th

All of life is held within the context of death. Continue »

Healing from Within

with Sasha Loring

September 9th—October 14th

Exploring a Dharma-Centered Approach to Emotions Continue »

Noble Heart

with Michael Carroll

November 4th—November 25th

Bringing the Legend of Shambhala Alive in Our Modern World Continue »