Our Leadership Structure

Durham Shambhala Center Leadership Structure


The Durham Shambhala Center is an entirely volunteer-run organization by those who have been inspired by the path of meditation and the vision of creating an enlightened society. Volunteering is meditation in action! It is a way we can continue to learn and to practice bringing our mindfulness, awareness, and basic goodness from the cushion into the world. We welcome your participation and your feedback! 


If you are interested in participating in any of the roles listed below or would like to learn more about volunteering in a particular area, feel free to contact: [email protected]


If you have a comment, question, suggestion, concern, or other types of feedback please email: [email protected]. If you would prefer your feedback remain anonymous, you can also print and mail this form to the Durham Shambhala Center: 733 Rutherford Street  Durham, NC 27705 


Leadership Circle: 

Open to members: with a commitment of:

(1) a 2-year term and (2) participation in emails and monthly meetings. Those holding Leadership Circle seats engage with and facilitate the teams and roles in their respective area.  


Teams: Open to anyone (*unless otherwise noted). There are no terms or commitments.


Leadership Circle Seats Teams: Primary contact person for the team listed below
Chagdzo/ Finance: 

Dee Lutz 

 This area will oversee and coordinate the financial activities of the center. Its activities will include financial planning and strategy,  income generation, fundraising,  accounts and budgeting,  managing operating cash, and ensuring transparency exists in all prepared financial statements and records.

  • Finance & Fundraising Team: Dee Lutz, Jenny Lutz


Protection and Maintenance of Center Facilities : 

David Uglow

This area will focus on the physical premises of the Center and the creation of a healthy, safe, well-maintained, and uplifted environment in ways that are environmentally sustainable. It will collaborate with other teams on ideas and strategies for developing the Center

  • Exterior Grounds and Maintenance: David Uglow
  • Environmental Sustainability: Tom Earnest 
  • Interior Cleaning: Liz Fitzgerald
  • Kasung/Rusung: David Uglow
Societal Health and Wellbeing:  

Paula Anderson

This area will focus on developing and maintaining a safe, kind, and compassionate environment. 

  • Care and Conduct:  Chris Barth
  • End of Life:  Kelly McCall
  • Food and Refreshments: Andy Cappel
Diversity and Inclusion: 

Ginna Purrington

This area recognizes that social inequalities are a reality and that these are reflected in our Center and society as a whole. It will seek proactively to create a space in which all are welcome, ensuring a diversity of genders, ethnicities, social classes, ages, abilities, and cultures are reflected in DSC teachers and members, courses offered, and the support DSC provides. This work includes fostering a welcoming environment, organizing inclusive community events, and community outreach.

Actively looking to form affinity groups, such as youth groups, Black/Indigenous/people of color groups, LGBTQ groups, etc to support meditation practice. Please contact [email protected] to indicate your interest, so we can facilitate group formation among interested parties.
Practice and Education: 

Susan Gaylord

This area organizes and coordinates DSC teaching and practice programs, including Shastris, Teachers, MI coordinator, Shrine Keeper, program coordinators, and special group coordination.

  • Curriculum Team: Elizabeth Brownrigg  (*open to members only)
  • Shastri:  Tom Brothers
  • Shrine keeper: seeking volunteer
  • Thursday Open House: David Uglow
  • Don Season: Chuck Swain, Catherine Neil
  • Profound Treasury: Kelly McCall
  • Sacred Path/Shambhala Levels: Susan Gaylord
  • Sunday Morning: Jackie Stonehuerner
  • Nyida Day/Seasonal Celebrations: Jeff Scott
Communications and Marketing: 

Open seat: seeking volunteer

This area will focus on communications (internal and external), and promote the Center and our activities, including production of a regular members’ newsletter, maintenance, and development of the DSC website, Google ads, posters, partnership building and development of DSC’s press and social media profile. 

  • Webmaster: Merry Rabb
  • Registrar and Database: Elizabeth Brownrigg
  • Social media: seeking volunteer
  • Newsletter: Collaborative (Rhea Colmar) 
  • Membership: seeking volunteer

Jenny Lutz
Roy Norris
Tom Earnest
Merry Rabb
Elizabeth Brownrigg


The Durham Shambhala Center (DSC) is part of a global network of Shambhala Centers and a subsidiary of Shambhala USA. The DSC leadership circle makes autonomous decisions about programming at the Durham Shambhala center while receiving guidance about practice and study from Shambhala Global Services (SGS) and senior teachers in the Shambhala and Buddhist traditions. DSC receives administrative, legal, and organizational support from SGS and sends a portion of local membership contributions to support SGS in providing those services. If you would like more detailed information please contact [email protected]