Program Fee Schedule

Level I: $100, $50 to Repeat
Level II: $100, $50 to Repeat
Level III: $125, $70 to Repeat
Level IV: $125, $70 to Repeat
Level V: $150, $75 to Repeat
Rigden Weekend: $175, $90 to Repeat
Great Eastern Sun: $150, $75 to Repeat
Windhorse (includes text): $175, $90 to Repeat
Drala: $150, $75 to Repeat
Meek: $150, $75 to Repeat
Perky: $150, $75 to Repeat
Meek/Perky combined: $150, $75 to Repeat
Outrageous and Inscrutable: $150, $75 to Repeat
Golden Key (includes texts): $200, $100 to Repeat
In Everyday Life Classes: $75, $40 to Repeat
Basic Goodness Classes: $75, $40 to Repeat
Patron Price for any program: Add $50 (for In Everyday Life and Basic Goodness classes, add $25)

Our generosity policy applies to all programs:

The Durham Shambhala Meditation Center thrives due to the generosity of program participants, friends and members. Recognizing that generosity, trust and openness are interconnected, we offer all of our programs on a “suggested fee” basis and welcome participants to offer less or more than the suggested amounts as they choose. Participants can pay in installments, volunteer for work/study credit, or offer whatever payment they are able. Nobody is turned away due to financial constraints.

Contact Dee Lutz at [email protected] to arrange payment details.