The Durham Shambhala Center is part of Shambhala International, a worldwide network of meditation and practice centers whose chief aspiration is to create enlightened society.  We offer weekly sitting meditation at our Thursday Open House from 7-9pm, and Sunday meditation from 9am - noon every Sunday. All regular sessions are free and open to the public.  Free meditation instruction is also provided during Thursday and Sunday sitting.

Communinity or "sangha" is a strong aspect of the Shambhala tradition. Please check our Community page to learn more about ongoing and special events in our sangha.

Additionally, we offer classes and programs on Buddhism as well as secular classes--Shambhala Training--that show us how to bring meditative awareness into our daily lives.  We aspire to make all of our programs available to all who wish to participate.  To that end, we abide by a generosity policy.

Introduction to Refuge & Bodhisattva Vows

Sunday, March 30, 11:00am

Refuge & Bodhisattva vows will be offered at the Center on May 20th. If you are interested in taking the vows, this talk will provide an overveiw and opportunity to ask questions. Open to all.


Shambhala Training Level III
with Sasha Loring

Friday, 4/4, 7:00pm-9:00pm
April 5th & 6th, 8:30am-6pm

Like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, we need courage to overcome the self-imposed limitations that keep us from reaching our full potential as human beings. AKA, Warrior in the World, Level III helps us develop courage, compassion and curiosity as we continue our path. Open to those who have completed Level II.


Shambhala Training Level IV
with Renee Cowan

Friday, 6/6, 7:00pm-9:00pm
June 7th & 8th, 8:30am-6:00pm

In Shambhala Training Level IV: Awakened Heart, we learn to allow our hearts and intuitions to open so that we can communicate fully with the world. Open to those who have completed Level III.


Contentment in Everyday Life
With Tekla Jachimiak

Begins Tuesday, 4/8, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Contentment can be hard to find. Much of the time we search for contentment in things, achievements or relationships. With meditation practice, we relax with ourselves and appreciate simple human experiences. Meets 5 Tuesdays through 5/6/14. Open to all.


Carrboro Sitting Group
Tuesdays, 7:30, Carrboro, NC

In the interest of making the opportunity to sit regularly with a group more accessible, Ashley Buchanan hosts this event in her shrine room in Carrboro. Free and open to all.


Shambhala Training
Ongoing weekend programs

Curious about Shambhala Buddhist training programs? Find out more about the Heart of Warriorship and the Sacred Path, including philosophy, weekend overview, and fee schedule.


Learn more about meditation and buddhism at shambhala.org

Read more about meditation and buddhism at shambhalatimes.org

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