Joy in Everyday Life

with Tekla Jachimiak & Deirdre (dee) Lutz

August 11th—September 8th

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  • $75 Program Price
  • $125 Patron Price
  • $40 Program Repeat Price
Room: Online

This class explores the Mahayana Buddhist teachings on compassion and bodhicitta, as well as the perky energy of the Shambhala dignity of the Snow Lion.  The Shambhala dignitites are considered the noble qualities of awakened mind.  The Buddhist teachings on compassion and bodhicitta are introduced and practiced through guided contemplations of the Four Immeasurables, as well as discussions of the paramitas of generosity, discipline, patience, exertion, meditation, and wisdom.  

By training in virtue and compassion and cultivating the Shambhala warrior’s qualities of gentleness and fearlessness, we learn to take care of ourselves and others.  With windhorse and the discipline of the Snow Lion, we unleash the lion’s energetic qualities of cheerfulness, healthiness, and doubtlessness which lead to bringing joy into our everyday lives.

Through our practice and study together, we gain a bigger perspective on our lives, nourish our natural connection to others, and discover the joyful energy of windhorse.  By cultivating compassion, we connect with our inherent cheerfulness so we can let go of discouragement and negativity and be of benefit to ourselves and others.

Class 1: Windhorse and The Joy of Opening to the World

Class 2: Loving Kindness & Bodhicitta

Class 3:  Compassion and the Trap of Doubt

Class 4: Rejoicing in Others & the Six Paramitas

Class 5:  Equanimity & Discipline, Creating Enlightened Society


Registrants will receive the Zoom link to participate in the class.

Program Price: $75

Patron Price: $125

Price to Repeat Class: $40

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