Shambhala Community Solstice and Children's Day Celebration

December 14th

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    Room: Community Room

    “Children’s Day” is a traditional Winter Solstice celebration in Shambhala -- one of the four Nyida (“sun and moon”) days that mark seasonal transitions throughout the year. The entire community participates, with children as our special guests! 

    • Share good food & drink (Bring holiday dishes for all to enjoy).
    • Read & play out the Shambhala Children’s Day Myth (bring musical instruments/sound-makers for spontaneous participation)
    • Sing Shambhala’s traditional seasonal songs

    Please register (there is no cost) and write in the comment field who is coming with you. 

    Parents/Grandparents – bring your children!! 


    To RSVP or volunteer for decorating, coordinating food or entertainment, please email, call, or text: Susan Gaylord [email protected] - 919-698-2745.