Shambhala Guide Training

April 27th—May 5th

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  • $300.00 Program Price
  • $350.00 Patron Price
Room: Main Shrine Room

Shambhala Guide Training

 April 27-28

 May 4-5

 8:30-6:30 each day

 Full participation is required on all days.


$300.00/$350.00 Patron

Generosity policy applies.


Please contact about questions and application process.

Applications are due by January 7, 2019.


Durham Shambhala Center is fortunate to offer Shambhala Guide Training locally this spring. This training is for practitioners who have a personal meditation practice and feel inspired and ready to help others on their meditative journeys. Please consider this opportunity as a way for you to deepen your path, as well as offering your warmth, kindness, and, wisdom to others.

Being a guide opens the door to additional trainings in teaching and leadership. 


Contact Tekla, with any questions.

Role of Shambhala Guide

The role of the Shambhala Guide is to be a resource, guide, friend, and host to newcomers within the context of Shambhala Center educational programs and events. One important aspect of this is to offer one-on-one meditation instruction to newcomers. The emphasis is on meeting newcomers as they enter Shambhala and offering a warm welcome to our community.



·       Completion of Shambhala Training Levels I-V

·       Completion of the In Everyday Life courses

(Completion of the Basic Goodness courses is recommended, but not required.)

·       Completion of Unconditional Confidence: Rigden weekend

·       Having taken the Shambhala Vow

·       Completion of a weekthün

·       Strong daily meditation practice

·       Active membership in a Shambhala Center (exceptions may be made for individuals who do not live near a center)


The Training Program Requirements

Pre-training study period of the following resources:

·       Shambhala Guide Resource Manual

·       Turning the Mind into an Ally

·       Shambhala Meditation: Proclaiming Basic Goodness (pamphlet)

Practice Commitment

·       20 hours per month for 3 months prior to the training

2 Training Weekends

·       These are full days and require full attendance (8:30- 6:30)


Skills Covered in the Training

·       Giving initial meditation instruction

·       Communicating skillfully on: our lineages, culture, iconography, shrines, chants, ceremonies, and an overview of all of our training paths

·       Engaging, listening, speaking from the heart

·       Understanding the precise, open and beyond meditation practices as taught in Shambhala Training

·       Leading discussion groups


Application Process

·       Application due by January 7th

·       2 Letters of Recommendations (MI, Center Director, P/E Coordinator, Shastri)