Children's Day and Community Solstice Celebration

December 15th

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    Shambhala Children’s Day and 
    Community Solstice Celebration*

    Saturday, December 15, 2018: - 4 pm

    Shambhala Center: 733 Rutherford St., Durham, NC

    Everyone – ALL AGES -- invited ….

    Come celebrate the Solstice Season with the Warmth and Good Cheer of the Shambhala Community   
    *“Children’s Day” is a traditional Winter Solstice celebration in Shambhala -- one of the four Nyida (“sun and moon”) days that mark seasonal transitions throughout the year. The entire community participates, with children as our special guests! 
    Activities include:
    §  Reading and playing out the Shambhala Children’s Day Myth (fun for all ages – bring musical instruments/sound-makers for spontaneous participatory sounds). 
    §  Singing/learning Shambhala’s traditional seasonal songs
    §  Sharing good food and drink (Please bring what you wish for the enjoyment of all).
    §  Receiving gift bags if you’re 12 or under – let us know the names, ages of your children**
    **RSVP for CHILDREN AND GUESTS, with children’s names & ages
    Please volunteer to decorate, purchase/ prepare gift bags, coordinate food and drink, coordinate donations, read the Myth, be actors, etc.
    For further information or to volunteer, please email, call, or text: 
    Jeff Scott [email protected]    Cell phone: 919-210-9397