Milarepa Day

March 3rd

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    Please join us at the Durham Shambhala Center on Saturday, March 3 for 35th annual Milarepa Day, a group reading of the entire Rain of Wisdom.   The event honors the life of Milarepa, a lineage master of the Shambhala Buddhist and Karma Kagyu traditions, who was renowned for his ascetic lifestyle in the high mountains, his perseverance in meditation, and his spontaneous poems on the nature of reality and the path to realization.  Through this devotional practice, we connect with the hearts and minds of the realized masters of the “practice lineage”, and learn about our dharma heritage, hearing songs and stories of Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa, the Karmapas, and other enlightened teachers.
    We open the mandala at 8 a.m. with the Milarepa Sadhana, then read the Rain of Wisdom from cover to cover, ending around 6 pm.  The practice is free and open to the entire community; you are welcome to attend all or part of the day. Lunch will be provided.Rain of Wisdom books are available; bring your own copy if you have one.
    TO VOLUNTEER to bring food ,chai tea, or lead readings, PLEASE REPLY TO SUSAN GAYLORD at [email protected]