Harvest of Peace Community Celebration

September 23rd (2017)

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    Harvest of Peace and (First Ever) Address by the Sakyong Wagmo

    Harvest of Peace is one of four annual Nyida Day celebrations in Shambhala culture. Each of these holidays marks the changing of the seasons, hence the name Nyida Day (Nyi = sun and Da = moon).
    Harvest of Peace is celebrated near the Autumn Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere. This special day marks the spirit of generosity and sharing the bounty of the seasons together as a society. It is an opportunity for local communities to gather, hear teachings, enjoy good food and drink, appreciate one another, and celebrate the richness of our local cultures and heritage.
    For the first time ever, the Sakyong Wangmo will be addressing the community this year! 
    This year, Harvest of Peace is on Saturday, September 23

    It’s a party!
    Join us on Sept. 23 at Wabee Farm – help create delicious food that we can then enjoy together. Following a lhasang and the Sakyong Wangmo’s address, it’s the Tibetan Hot Sauce Party & Community Stir Fry. Festivities include making hot sauce, cooking on an open fire, swimming and enjoying each other’s company. Bring your whole family to join the fun. 
    Activities start at 3:30 as we chop vegetables for the hot sauce: lots of mincing of garlic, ginger and onions; in fact, we need enough to make 2 gallons. That’s a lot of chopping so we will have 8 chopping stations set up. Meanwhile, preparing the stir fry will include chopping fresh vegetables and building a fire. It’s a community production! Many hands are needed to help set up, chop, cook and clean up. Talk to Tim if you want to help out. Dinner will be served at 6:30followed by a camp fire. 
    What to bring: your favorite stir fry vegetable (e.g., broccoli, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, snap peas, bell peppers, water chestnuts, onions, carrots, baby corn, zucchini) -- a true pot luck! Please bring a sharp knife for chopping. Other items to bring: bathing suit & towel if you want to swim.
    BYOB: we’ll provide non-alcoholic drinks; feel free to bring some wine, beer to share.
    3:30-4:00 Lhasang
    4:00-4:30 Address by the Sakyong Wangmo
    4:30-6:00 Food prep
    6:00-9:00 Community Dinner and Hot Sauce Making