Building Fund Testimonials


Why I support the Durham Shambhala Center building fund—Dee Lutz

I started coming to the Durham Shambhala Center in a time of crisis.  My father was dying from cancer, a friend was dying from cancer, and I wanted to find a way to deal with grief and pain.  Truthfully, what I wanted was a way to numb the pain and take my mind away from the grief.  What I found through meditation was that learning to be with suffering honestly was what I was actually looking for, and while it was not easy, the grief was a testament to wonderful people who I missed, so actually a gift.

I’ve been donating to the building fund for several years now. The Center was there for me in a time of need, and I want to do all I can to make sure it’s there for others.  As I’ve taken more classes and meditation has become a vital part of my life, the Center’s importance has grown for me. The Shambhala path is very profound, and it’s really a gift to be able to participate in classes and retreats in our home town.  But the current building limits what we’re able to offer.  The shrine room isn’t large enough for some programs, and it’s very difficult to conduct our regular sitting sessions while offering classes and programs. With only one bathroom, we need to rent portable toilets for large programs – hardly the most welcoming situation. We can do so much more with a larger shrine rooms, more storage space, and additional bathrooms.

I want the Center to be a place that’s welcoming and available to everybody.  That means that we all need to take responsibility for nurturing it along.  To the extent that everybody who cares about the Center contributes what we can, in whatever way we can, our entire community benefits.  Any contribution of time or money is appreciated because it helps to build a community where everybody has a stake in keeping the doors open.



Why I support the Durham Shambhala Center building fund—Joy Mickle

I first came to the Durham Shambhala Center 15 years ago and have been a part of the community ever since.  I enjoy being a part of a community of people who seek to become more wise and compassionate through meditation.  Meditation has been a wonderful support in my life, I’m very grateful for finding the center all those years ago.



Why I support the Durham Shambhala Center building fund—Ruth Pinnell

There is an important need in Durham for a facility offering quality meditation instruction with community practice possibilities. DSC is such a facility, but has too little space to serve the community as a whole. The center owns its own building, and has land on which a spacious new meditation hall might be built.  Two years of fundraising toward that goal has seen half of the necessary funds.  Meanwhile, construction costs are rising.  Fundraising, now in its second phase, needs your support right now.

As an active Shambhala member, and a former public health nurse, I am familiar with the unfortunate impact of stress on health and the quality of life.  Meditation has been scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for this stress.   We have the ability to make this practice a reality for our expanding community.

Our expanded center will have greatly increased visibility, and the ability to accommodate the resulting expansion of membership.  I wish that all members of the community could have the opportunity to embrace the more peaceful, focused and mindful way of being that can be achieved through meditation.  You can help this become a reality.