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In April 2009, the Durham Shambhala Center purchased the property at 733 Rutherford Street, where we had been renting for ten years.  It was not an easy decision. The place was small and needed repairs; plus, we had to convert the zoning to commercial occupancy. Yet it was a terrific location with valuable parking, so the community decided to move ahead. This decision solidified our desire to establish a safe and protected container for people to congregate, meditate and foster enlightened society. Purchasing made sense economically and it put us in a good position to grow, since there is plenty of space to expand.


Now is an excellent time to expand. Our membership has increased and so has membership income. We are bursting at the seams and we are thus limited in the size and number of programs we can run.  With all of this in mind, the community decided to initiate an expansion project with the purpose of building a beautiful new shrine room, on the north side of the current building.  We want something that will make it easy for people to relax into a mind of openness, gentleness and compassion.


The Center hired architect Ellen Cassilly, who designed a splendid shrine room, full of light and air, with windows overlooking the backyard, a gorgeous space that will inspire anyone who walks in the door.  The estimate for that renovation and addition to the existing building was too expensive, so contractor Tom Johnson revised the plan as a separate structure that maintained the most important aspects of Ellen’s plan. We have been raising money since the fall of 2011.  We now have a solid foundation from which to launch this exciting expansion.

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